Ketafere Showcases Infectious Style With New Production ‘All Aboard’!

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Ketafere Showcases Infectious Style With New Production ‘All Aboard’!

Rising talent from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, Ketafere has established himself as a well-known act in his home nation and elsewhere. From performing at house parties of 10 people to playing at Center Of Gravity, Ultra Europe, and many more international and local shows, Ketafere is not stopping there. Over the past few years, Ketafere has performed all across the globe, bringing his infectious tech-house sounds to thousands in attendance. His sets are sure to have you bouncing through emotions and genres as he takes you on a journey through sound. On the production front, Ketafere has been turning that infectious sounds into his own style with releases such as ‘PSA’, ‘Arrival’ (with Napa Cabbage), ‘Back to Me’ (with AXYS), among many more. For his latest outing, Ketafere makes his debut on emengy deep with ‘All Aboard’.

‘All Aboard’ kicks off with simple yet effective drum work that sets the tempo. It doesn’t take too long before this emerging talent injects the single with rhythm and groove as he introduces a filtered bass line. This incredibly funky bass line stands to be the main event of the single, with the drop being centered around it. The drops hits as an atmospheric horn sounds out and issues your feet to start dancing to the beat, whether you wanted to or not. As the single progresses, Ketafere adds more and more infectious sounds into the mix to keep the attention of the listener. Canadian artist Ketafere perfectly showcases his signature sound with this track and proves why you should be keeping a close eye on him.

Stream this single below.

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