Kid Kong Drops Insanely Energetic Free Remix Of ‘Enzo’!

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Kid Kong Drops Insanely Energetic Free Remix Of ‘Enzo’!

Taking on the task of remixing such a popular hit like ‘Enzo’ by DJ Snake can prove to be a tough one. However, Canadian up and comer Kid Kong takes on this task and passes it with flying colors. Following up from a solid remix of ‘My Year’ and original production ‘Turn Up Mode’ together with VENMC, he does not disappoint with his latest remix. The previously mentioned releases were geared towards the harder, more head banging side of EDM with this latest remix showcasing his unique talents for switching up his sound with ease.

Kid Kong eases us into this remix by introducing the original aspects from ‘Enzo’ but it doesn’t take long for him to put his own touch on it. Seamlessly transitions into the snare build which lead to the drop makes for a very enjoyable listening experience. The drop does not disappoint, with powerful bass synths being matched with sweeping synths that add an abundance of energy. Kid Kong re-introduces the vocals from the original, but this time layers them above his own sound and this proves to be a perfect match. He then switches it up for the second drop including a trap style with break beat influences that top this remix off perfectly before heading back to an energetic third drop.

Stream this remix below and grab your free download here.

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