LEAKED: Avicii Collab With Mike Posner!

In April 2018, the electronic dance music world came to a stand still. With the news of one of the greatest producers of the past 10 years passed away. Shortly after, news broke that the Swedish sensation had been sitting on a goldmine of unreleased tracks which included collaborations with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Mike Posner.

Mike Posner confirmed in an interview that he was working with Avicii before he passed away and also had written and recorded vocals that wouldn’t be used on Avicii‘s world wide hit ‘Levels’. The track titled ‘Chang A Thang’ has surfaced on the wed in its entirety and it is as beautiful as you’d expect to be. The vocals of Mike Posner blend perfectly with Avicii‘s upbeat and melodic style, topped with catchy synths, there would be no surprise that if this track was released it would be a bona fide hit.

Stream the single below or visit here.

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