Lillemäe Delivers Yet Another Solid Production!

Swedish electronic music producer Lillemäe has been working endless hours in the studio to deliver solid production after solid production with a constant string of releases through out the past year. Releasing 13 new tracks in 2019 alone, Lillemäe is showing no signs of slowing down as he showcases his production skills with multiple releases. We take a look at his recent single ‘When Love Is The Only Thing Who Keeps You Alive’.

Pulsating synths and soaring pads combine with stunning vocals to make up the body of this track. Catchy chords and lyrics really make this track stand out and help you remember this track hours after you’ve first listened. The chill progressive vibe matches each synth and sound used perfectly which adds great quality to listening experience. This track is perfect for listening at any time of the day along with any mood.

Stream the single below and grab your free download here.

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