Lutez Drop Massive Remix Of Classic ‘Children’ By Robert Miles!

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Lutez Drop Massive Remix Of Classic ‘Children’ By Robert Miles!

Taking on a remix of such magnitude can be a very tricky situation, as you may or may not please the fans of the original single. This is a task that the American and Japanese duo of Lutez take on and smash to pieces. Deemed as one of the biggest dance tracks of all time, ‘Children’ by Robert Miles has stood the test of time amassing over 200 million streams since it’s release in 1996.

Lutez take this classic and give it a fresh makeover with their signature hard trap sound. This remix kicks off with the original’s melody before the duo build towards the thumping drop. Adding hard bass synths with screeching top lines that are played on top of the bass heavy kick drum makes for a very interesting and thrilling remix. The duo then head back to the original melody for the second break down before adding their own synths into the mix which tops this remix off perfectly.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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