MARSTER Releases ‘Beautiful’ New Single, 4th Of 2020!

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MARSTER Releases ‘Beautiful’ New Single, 4th Of 2020!

After releasing his first-ever track, ‘At Night’, several weeks ago, MARSTER has continued his hot momentum with a flurry of new releases. After making an impressive first impression with his first release, the up and coming producer followed it up with two high-quality releases entitled ‘Run’ and ‘Flow’. With each new release, our expectations become higher and higher as this anonymous producer keeps showcasing his diverse and creative talents within the studio. Following on from those three previously mentioned singles, MARSTER delivers once again with a ‘Beautiful’ new single.

‘Beautiful’ showcases a more pop-orientated side of this producer that we haven’t seen yet. MARSTER kicks off this single with a slower tempo and uses a breathtaking piano melody to set the tone. Wonderful female vocals are then introduced and as they take centre stage, MARSTER starts to build the production with low lying bassline and a memorable piano melody. This single kicks into gear as MARSTER combines all the previous elements with simple yet effective drum work that lets the previous mentioned piano melody take centre stage for a moment. With powerful vocals and a breathtaking production, ‘Beautiful’ is yet another statement as to why you should be keeping a close eye on this rising producer.

Stream this single below.

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