Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan Drop Their New Collab!

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Martin Garrix & Julian Jordan Drop Their New Collab!

The original idea was born in 2012, now 6 years later Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan decided to revisit the production and have thus gave birth to; ‘Glitch’. The two dutch producers are no strangers in the studio as they have worked together a lot over to years to bring us hits such as ‘BFAM’ and ‘Welcome’ with ‘BFAM’  even having the hidden meaning of Brother from another mother. The are ending a massive calendar year for both of them with the release of ‘Glitch’.

With a very catchy melody that grabs your attention and as the track progresses the energy gets built with a ton of suspense. The drop hits with a ton of energy and the electro vibe is perfect for main stages around the world. Martin Garrix and Julian Jordan are topping off an incredible calendar year with ‘Glitch’ as they have both released a combined 18 tracks. They are showing no signs of slowing down and if they keep working on their sounds they are set for a massive 2019. 

You can listen to this track in our Trending EDM playlist.

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