Matroda Serves Up His Sophomore Single On Insomniac With ‘Rescue Me’!

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Matroda Serves Up His Sophomore Single On Insomniac With ‘Rescue Me’!

Matroda steps back into the frame clutching his second appearance on the Insomniac Records catalog, ‘Rescue Me’. In light of falling victim to a recent social media hack that rendered his accounts temporarily disabled, the Croatian-born house producer has managed to gracefully brush off the snipe taken on his identity and completely turned it inside out. Rather than succumbing to the unfortunate turn of events, Matroda is starting fresh with the proverbial clean slate (much like the reboot seen from his recently relaunched Instagram feed). His first single to surface since that sour situation finds him pulling on a new thread from the house music canon. Making a slight departure from his once-signature hefty bass house sensibilities, “Rescue Me” finds him embarking on an exciting journey of self-discovery incarnated in the shape of a bright and soulful record that’s ready to take both the radio airwaves and livestream broadcasts by storm.

A dark and moody groove sets the tone early on, as a diva-ready vocal makes a plea for help via a repeated refrain calling out the track’s namesake out in anguish. Soon, the track’s solid percussive drive—created by hissing hats and sporadic claps that keep time beneath growling one-shots and a relentless rolling bassline—is washed away by the introduction of the main piano-driven hook, which rears its helpful head to instill a sense of newfound hope. Through the introduction of bright circular chords, dizzying padline melodies, and the striking vocal hook crying out with reckless abandon, Matroda tosses out a lifeline to the listener urging them to let their worries fall by the wayside. The end result is a huge record with undeniable crossover appeal that’s slated to shake the house community at its core.

His sophomore single on the Insomniac Records imprint arrives only a few months in the wake of his label debut, “If You Wanna,” which embraced the chest-thumping bottom-end that positioned the L.A.-based artist as one of the prominent players from the modern house scene. It made tremendous waves across the global radio circuit, with support flooding in from a long list of his estimable peers, such as Martin Garrix, Valentino Khan, Zeds Dead, Jauz, Afrojack, AC Slater, and many more like-minded tastemakers. With his latest creation sitting in an entirely new creative space, it’s becoming more and more evident that the sky is the limit for what’s to come in the world of Matroda.

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