Matt Black Drops Groovy House Number Titled ‘2AM’!

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Matt Black Drops Groovy House Number Titled ‘2AM’!

DJ Matt Black, the UK based house and techno producer is back again with a massive house track that is killing every live stream set at the moment, with countless listeners clamoring for the release of this ID. Dubbed by many DJs as their favorite live stream weekend weapon, this track is full of energy, vibes, and soul and is sure to get your hands in the air no matter where you may be listening.

DJ Matt Black, (born Matthew Belcher on December 17th, 1993) is a UK based house and techno producer and DJ most known for his first official release ‘Let Them Groove’ which generated over 1 million streams worldwide. Starting his career in England’s notorious seedy underground scene he released white label mashups, he also owned one of the first pirate FM radio stations in the southwest, he has been featured multiple times on BBC Radio. DJ Matt Black has become a prominent influencer in the house and tech house scene, collaborating with many artists, and entertaining crowds around the world with his funky, driving baselines, and uniquely engaging style.

“2AM is bringing back the old-school vibes of the 90s with its raw underground rave feel”, says the producer. DJ Matt Black wanted to create something modern but at the same time keep that genuine old school house sound and he sure delivered. With groovy elements, infectious tones and rhythm to die for, DJ Matt Black proves why he has been making waves with his sounds these past couple of years

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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