Matthew J. Is Back With Fantastic Remix Of ‘Symphony’!

Following up from his first release of 2019 ‘We’re All We Need’, American artist Matthew J. is back with a fantastic official remix of ‘Symphony’ by Erika Lei. As the months roll by, Matthew J. keeps adding to his very high reputation with solid productions and great DJ sets. His very deep signature sound is perfect for any time of the day or night and as he keeps releasing tracks, we are shown why he is an artist to keep your eye on.

The original track is a pop number but Matthew J. gets his hands on it and makes it a dance hit. As we listen, the vocals play an important role as they add a nice atmosphere to the overall remix. Deep powerful synths are matched with rhythmic samples as tons of groove is added to the remix to keep your toes tapping and head bopping through out. Towards the end of your listen you are teased with the melodic style of Matthew J. as he adds a beautiful melody to top the remix of perfectly.

Stream this remix below.

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