Max Dolgy Unleashes A Mesmerizing New Production ‘The Giver’!

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Max Dolgy Unleashes A Mesmerizing New Production ‘The Giver’!

Back in 2014, Max Dolgy released his very first original track, ‘Mystic’, a big room thumper on Golden Goat Records. Fast forward 6 years and the Latvian artist has grown leaps and bounds, releasing multiple gems along with way such as ‘Tibet’, ‘Amok’, ‘Quiet Place’, and more. Although his talent and technique may have improved over the years, Max Dolgy‘s use of melodies and ear-catching synths has stayed the same, showcased in his recent release, ‘The Giver’.

Max Dolgy‘s ‘The Giver’ opens up in incredible fashion as he uses the first minute to showcase his piano skills with a wonderful riff. The piano-led riff is then joined by some backing synths that take the single to the next level. Max Dolgy seamlessly transitions to the progressive house section of the single, introducing us to an infectious melody played by beautiful synths and backed by groovy bass lines. He then revisits the emotional break down for a second time before heading back to the drop. As you take a listen, you can’t help but be taken away by the impressive synths and melody work by Max Dolgy.

Stream this single below.

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