Mike Redfields Treats Us To Huge Anthem ‘Light It Up’!

Dutch artist Mike Redfields is not afraid to step out of the box and move away from his comfort zone. He began his career experimenting with hard dance sounds but recently switched up up to a more deep and soulful sound. However, after his very successful single ‘Deep Love’, the Dutchman is back to his roots with a hard hitting big room house anthem ‘Light It Up’. Mike likes to make a story with his productions and their titles, and so, after the ‘Mystery, ‘Hope’ for more, the feeling of a ‘Deep Love’ and going through ‘The Dark’, everything in life arrives at a point where you can see that light again. ‘Light It Up’ is the result of that, a track to party and enjoy life to the fullest.

‘Light It Up’ amplifies the happiness and joy from going out with friends to a festival and going crazy by the great bass and melody of the track. Mike Redfields also incorporates a special intermezzo with horns and drums to give that typical movie feeling. Mike also incorporated an Easter egg especially for gamers as there is a cool AWP sound from Counter-Strike embedded into the track. All these little details show us how much time and effort Mike puts into his productions and it shows.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.


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