Mike Zaloxx Keeps His Momentum Rolling With A Highly Euphoric Single ‘Saving Night’!

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Mike Zaloxx Keeps His Momentum Rolling With A Highly Euphoric Single ‘Saving Night’!

We are just 1 month through the new year and already Mike Zaloxx has delivered an astonishing 3 brand new singles. Always one to reinvent himself and keep the ball rolling, the Swiss producer followed up on his big room production ‘Pyshco’ with an eclectic electro house production entitled ‘Lose Control’. For his third outing of 2020, Mike Zaloxx showcases his diversity once again by stepping away from those previously mentioned styles and exploring the trance realm. As his previous releases have proved, Mike Zaloxx keeps excelling in everything he does and ‘Saving Night’ is no exception.

‘Saving Night’ kicks off with a high tempo, setting the tone for an energetic production. A simple but effective drum pattern is combined with a running bassline that oozes energy. This running bassline is ever-present and keeps the momentum rolling. As the single progresses, Mike Zaloxx adds more and more euphoric tones into the production with an uplifting melody and progressive synths. He then calms things down with atmospheric sounds that showcase how innovative Mike Zaloxx can be within the studio. He then seamlessly builds towards the drop by building tension with filtered synths and risers. The drop hits with powerful basslines that are combined with the previously introduced euphoric sounds to top this single off perfectly.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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