MOUNT Delivers With Addictive Dance Tune ‘Closer’ Featuring JUSTN X!

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MOUNT Delivers With Addictive Dance Tune ‘Closer’ Featuring JUSTN X!

Austrian artist MOUNT is no stranger to the bright lights. Since 2016, he has been delivering hit after hit, and 2020 is no different. His first single of the year, ‘Venus’, recently crossed 1 million streams on Spotify and his latest is sure to top that feat. Appearing alongside talented vocalist JUSTN X, MOUNT treats us to ‘Closer’.

“When JUSTN X sent me the topline, I immediately started producing the song. I really wanted this track to feature my initial sounds when I started making music and I think I succeeded finding my roots here again. With this song I hope to reach all my fans who supported me from the very beginning. But also, all the others who joined along the way and who find happiness in my music every day” says MOUNT

‘Closer’ opens up with a sizzling topline that leads into JUSTN X taking center stage. MOUNT combines the vocals with the perfect instrumental that subtly builds towards the drop. The drops then hits as JUSTN X introduces a catchy and addictive hum, with groovy basslines driving the low end. With tons of groovy sounds and memorable vocals, this single is sure to reach the heights of MOUNT‘s previous releases.

Stream this single below.

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