[Must Listen] Erick Diaz Live Set @ LED Presents!

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[Must Listen] Erick Diaz Live Set @ LED Presents!

Live as a DJ can be quite difficult if you are not experiencing the right amount of gigs as you would like. One DJ however, is making waves across San Diego is Erick Diaz. Being in the business as a DJ & Producer for 10 years, Erick Diaz has been making a name for himself across the Pacific coast and gaining tons of accolades along with way. Constantly performing across San Diego, Erick Diaz is a very talented DJ and perfect to open up for any type of act.

As a DJ opening for the main act, it is very important that you don’t steal the limelight, but also make your own. To be able to warm the crowd up for the main act is a skill in itself, but you add the pressure of live mixing to that and it can go wrong on so many levels. Erick Diaz however, takes that pressure and thrives on it. Recently opening up for Boombox Cartel who can go quite hard, Erick Diaz decides to take it slow at the start and slowly builds the energy up to give the crowd a teaser of what is to come. This set is a must listen for any DJ wanting to break into the scene.

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