Olive Oil Drop Awesome Remix To A Dance Classic!

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Olive Oil Drop Awesome Remix To A Dance Classic!

The Olive Oil project began in January of 2017 and the duo of Ryan Fischer and Kevin Merkle have not looked back since. The United States natives have been grinding and working hard to deliver solid remixes and original productions. The success of their previous remixes of ‘Dominick The Donkey’, ‘212’, ‘Ocean Avenue’ and more have spurred them on to release a stunning remix of a massive dance classic.

Releasing a remix of ‘Insomnia’ can be a very hard task but the duo of Olive Oil have knocked it out of the park. Keeping the original tone of the melody but giving it that main stage feel that makes it transcend into festival season. The uplifting and powerful synths combine with the melody to deliver a mesmorizing new take on this dance classic. This remix is sure to be a massive hit with festival season approaching.

Stream the single below and grab your free download.

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