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OXO Unveils Unique And Infectious Electronic Single ‘Star’!

As the years have passed, it’s become easier and easier to download your preferred DAW, work around a little bit, and end up with a finished production. However, with this ease in technology and creation, the task of setting yourself out from the crowd has become even more necessary. One artist keen on making himself stand out from the crowd is the French-based OXO. Always one to step out of his comfort zone, OXO has dipped his toes into several different genres and styles.

For his latest outing, OXO releases a melodic electronic production titled ‘Star’. Accompanied by a unique cartoon music video, ‘Star’ grabs your attention right from the start. Anyone who loves melodic and progressive sounds is going to enjoy this one as OXO uses melodic sounds and a progressive structure for this one. As the single progresses, OXO adds more and more elements into the mix to keep it fresh and keep the listener interested. ‘Star’ is electronic at it’s best!

Stream this single below.

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