Partylifemusic Drops Awesome Remix Of ‘Feel’ By Curbi!

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Partylifemusic Drops Awesome Remix Of ‘Feel’ By Curbi!

J.C. Flores has established himself as an architect in creating original scores, remixes, and music. Being both a producer and musician encourages individuality among one’s self with a constant focus in remaining original and unique. J.C. Flores uses both emotional empathy and music theory to dissect that dilemma in his own productions as well as others. Releasing tracks under the alias of Partylifemusic, the talented producer treats us to an awesome remix of ‘Feel’ by Curbi, entering into the remix competition in the process.

Have you ever felt like the places you were visiting lacked the right soundtrack for your adventure? J.C. Flores is back at it again with just that kind of soundtrack. Melodies, chord progressions, booming 808’s, and melodic pad builds create an overall sound that leaves you wanting more. Play this as you continue your life journey into the unknown as it will leave you exploring the terrain as your musical compass.

A fusion of various vocal chops blended together melodic synths and meaty bass plucks that result in euphoric connections. ” ‘Feel’ is a unique mixture of emotions that heightens your senses at 128bpm,” said Misty, Chief Creative Officer of Partylifemusic. Many supporters of the ‘Feel’ remix single have streamed the remix nearly 1,000 times within the first few days of its release.

Stream this remix below and grab your free download here.

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