Perfectly Blended Rap & House Track From THK!

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Perfectly Blended Rap & House Track From THK!

To those who may not know, THK (TrapHouseKings) is a duo formed by DJ Glenn Forrestgate and Producer Style da Kid. Working within the music industry for over 20 years and working together for over four years the two have formed a close bond. As a duo, both artists are aiming to add a fresh taste to the electronic music landscape by blending all kinds of flavors from different genres. Their new release ‘Chop Of A Brick’ featuring Vic Rippa is a perfect example for THK’s exciting approach as it mixes rap, trap and classic house into an incredible track with heavy sound design and intense lyrics.

The collaboration with Vic Rippa, the charismatic recording artist and songwriter from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi with his unique sound, thought-provoking lyrics and solid beats, adds yet another level of intense energy to the mix. The tracks evolution from raw rap to sophisticated club smash in this case benefited from coincidence: “I received the acapella from Vic years ago and made a trap type of production, but for some reason nothing happened with the track and it ended up being lost on some hard drive. This year, when I was working on the instrumental for what was to become ‘Chop of a Brick’, I knew I was onto something, but it was missing an essential part. By chance, I opened a folder and there was this forgotten acapella track – and it matched perfectly”. ‘Chop Of A Brick’  featuring Vic Rippa ruthlessly displays why THK form a league of their own, with a track defying all stereo types and its fiercely shifting dynamics as well as lyrics speaking the harsh truth about the struggles of the ‘trap life game’, here’s the rebel track of the year for you.

You can see the full music video below.

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