Pillow Kick Delivers With Heavy New Bass Single ‘Sahara’!

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Pillow Kick Delivers With Heavy New Bass Single ‘Sahara’!

Located in Los Angeles, United States, Pillow Kick has only recently burst onto the scene, releasing his first single onto Soundcloud titled ‘Broke’ just under 1 month ago. With that first release, Pillow Kick showcases his own signature style that we can expect to hear from him with the coming uploads. Firmly cementing himself with the trap and bass scene, Pillow Kick likes to incorporate hard-hitting, bass-heavy synths and sounds into his productions, aiming to blow your speakers with each release. With his second release, ‘Sahara’, the American artist does just that.

With just his second release ever, Pillow Kick delivers ‘Sahara’, a hard hitting and unique trap production. Throughout the production, Pillow Kick uses climatic sounds to build tension and anticipation around the drops. Adding to the tone of the single, Pillow Kick uses cultural vocal samples to give this single some identity. The drops hits with no disappointment as heavy kicks and bass lines are joined by an infectious and catchy top line synth to truly take this single to the next level. With only his second release, Pillow Kick firmly showcases why you should be keeping a close eye on him.

Stream this single below.

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