Pineau Returns With Second Single Of 2020, ‘Slow Moving Poison’!

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Pineau Returns With Second Single Of 2020, ‘Slow Moving Poison’!

Born in Sydney with French parents, Pineau‘s love for electronic dance music grew everywhere he went. From a young age, he was listening to the wonderful sounds of French House and as he grew older, he broadens his horizons to overall house music. Being well-travelled, L.A. is where he calls home now and it has worked wonders for him up to this moment. Recently opening up his catalog for 2020 with the innovative single ‘Blanche’, Pineau returns to our sound systems once again to keep his momentum rolling with ‘Slow Moving Poison’.

Previously showcased in his prior releases, Pineau‘s innovative electro, and bass house signature style is in full effect on ‘Slow Moving Poison’. Pineau crafts the perfect blend of electro sounds with house funk that few have managed to do before. This single kicks off with rhythmic loops that lead into the first section, as Pineau introduces low lying vocals that add memorability to the single. As the single progresses, he builds anticipation towards the drop by using climatic risers, and once the drop hits we are not disappointed. Hard-hitting, yet groovy sounds then take to the forefront as the groove and power is taken to the next level. Pineau then showcases a melodic side for the second break by using atmospheric sounds before heading back to the electro-infused house drop for a second time. Yet another statement piece, ‘Slow Moving Poison’ proves why you should be keeping a close eye on this talented producer.

Stream this single below and grab your free download here.

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