POPR3B3L Treats Us To A Banging New Free Track ‘Quarantine’!

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POPR3B3L Treats Us To A Banging New Free Track ‘Quarantine’!

As 2020 took an unexpected turn for the whole world, the hidden struggles of humankind surfaced. From simple survival to manipulation and oppression. We endured it all in many different ways. Now we are regaining and reclaiming our freedom, this is our chance to (re)unite as one and not let us be divided by the few and/or the loud. The only way out is together towards a future without quarantine, but with freedom (of speech), for everyone.

A rage-against-the-machine type of artist, POPR3B3L marches to the beat of his drum. With each release, POPR3B3L does exactly what he wants to and doesn’t stick to the status quo. With his latest single, ‘Quarantine’, he goes against the grain once again to bring us a hardstyle anthem with a twist. The very relevant lyrics send a message of rebellion. With the opening lyrics, “Is it just me or have you seen who’s in control. Breaking the heart, twisting the mind, crushing the soul. He’s sucking up the atmosphere, killing the scene. Until we rise against the force of this machine”, the tone of the message behind this new single could not be misunderstood. Combine this memorable message with the incredible production of POPR3B3L makes for a true anthem.

The hardstyle has been through a rough patch in the mid-2010s but with bright artists such as POPR3B3L emerging into the scene, the genre is getting a much-needed dose of freshness. Having already showcased his innovative style by remixing Frozen 2’s ‘Into The Unknown’, POPR3B3L has delivered fresh productions such as ‘Memories’, ‘Fantasies’, and ‘Highest Gear’ among others. Showing no signs of slowing down, this Dutch artist is determined to take advantage of his momentum with more new music coming soon.

Stream this single below and grab your download here or here.

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