Prayer Handz ReleaseS Jaw-Dropping Single ‘Vibe’!

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Prayer Handz ReleaseS Jaw-Dropping Single ‘Vibe’!

A producer, songwriter, DJ, and believer in the spiritual experience that is house music, Canadian artist Prayer Handz has quickly become a name to pay attention to in the house music scene. After a busy year of touring and playing festivals in 2019, 2020 has lead to a string of releases from the up & comer. With infectious, high-quality releases such as ‘After Party’ and ‘House Music’, it’s no surprise to hear that Prayer Handz has received official support from BBC Radio 1 along with artists such as; Dr. Fresch, ILL Phil, Rumpus, Phibes, and many more. His latest release, ‘Vibe’, may prove to be the Canadian catchiest and most innovative release to date.

‘Vibe’, which was released on the American label Phunk Junk Records, is an infectious blend of tech-house and bass house energy. Showcasing that signature style of blended house that he has perfected over the past year, Prayer Handz delivers what may be deemed as his best single yet. Using a groovy undertone and matching it with high octane and powerful synths, Prayer Handz has once again proven his talents within the studio. While the world is stuck in quarantine, this one is sure to catch your attention right from the offset.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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