Protaxia Releases Groovy New Single ‘Midnight Grooves’ ft. fakeproject!

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Protaxia Releases Groovy New Single ‘Midnight Grooves’ ft. fakeproject!

The rise of artists such as Chris Lake, Shiba San, Fisher among many others has gave birth to a new generation of fans and DJs experimenting within the realm of techno and house music. This style, officially called “tech-house”, takes elements from both the techno and house scene and blends them in a seamless way which connects perfectly and in turn has taken over these past couple of years with big hits such as ‘Losing It’ gaining over 200 million streams and becoming what many describe at “the track of 2018”. With this influx of popularity, the genre is giving birth to some brand new talents and one of them is Protaxia. Since late-2019, Protaxia has been uploading tracks on his Soundcloud and they do not disappoint.

For his latest upload, Protaxia takes original vocals by fakeproject and implements them over an original production. ‘Midnight Grooves’ kicks off with simple but effective drum work that is combined with a nice smooth bassline. This bassline becomes the main attraction of the production as time moves on and it no surprise as it’s groovy as hell. The American producer tops this single off perfectly by mixing the bassline tremendously with fresh and innovative samples that keep the listeners fully interested. Make sure to keep a close eye on this emerging talent in the coming months.

Stream this single and grab your free download below.

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