RAED Delivers With Jaw-Dropping New Single ‘BEYOND’!

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RAED Delivers With Jaw-Dropping New Single ‘BEYOND’!

Italian producer RAED prides himself in thinking outside the box and once you listen to a couple of his productions, you can see it’s not wrong. RAED‘s main style is a hard hitting dubstep but he gets influenced multiple other hard dance styles which you can see creep out of his productions. Last month, he treated us to a stunning production ‘Red Zone’, which showed off his hardstyle influences but also shins a light on his preferred dubstep style. With how seamless RAED can switch up his style, it will be no surprise when he gains traction and starts touring the world with his signature sound.

In RAED‘s latest single ‘Beyond’ we can hear multiple styles come to the forefront. The single starts out uplifting with beautiful pads which are combined with a rock style guitar synth and melody. As the track progresses we can hear the darker side come out more and more and once RAED is ready to switch it, he turns the darkness up to 100%. The seamless transition from uplifting to dark is a testament to RAED‘s talent within the studio. Keep a close eye on this talent.

Stream this single below and grab your copy here.

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