Ramin Rasaa Releases New Single ‘Two More Feet Down’!

USA born Ramin Rasaa has recently just entered the electronic dance music scene as a producer but is improving leaps and bounds from his first single to now. Incorporating multiple electronic styles and mainly focusing on the story telling side of production, Ramin Rasaa‘s tracks are perfect for video game or television show soundtracks. In his latest single ‘Two More Feet Down’ he shows us just how much he has improved within the past couple of months.

‘Two More Feet Down’ is made up of multiple electro synths combined with a catchy yet raw melody. This single takes you on a journey as we find ourselves walking with the beat as we listen. This down tempo 4×4 kick pattern adds nice potential for soundtrack use which is Ramin Rasaa‘s style. As he progresses through his career, Ramin Rasaa is one to keep a close eye on.

Stream this single below.

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