Released 10 Years Ago: Hardwell – Spaceman

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Released 10 Years Ago: Hardwell – Spaceman

Rewind back to 2012 as rising start Hardwell released his long-awaited track entitled ‘Spaceman’. The official follow-up to ‘Cobra’ which was still destroying dance floors worldwide. Hardwell was again on top of his game and with ‘Spaceman’, he continued his mission to produced peak time records at warp speed with an ever-ascending sound. Hardwell road-tested the track on his USA tour and reactions were as clear as day, killing every crowd out there with probably his biggest drop ever. With the infectious lead theme unexpectedly dropping two chords and turning into the electro-influenced Hardwell bassline, a sure shot for giving the whole dance floor that boost of energy jetting them into space!

A superstar Dutch DJ who helped shape the EDM explosion of 2012-2013, Robbert van de Corput became Hardwell when he began DJ’ing at the age of 13. Watching the massive dance parties broadcast on MTV encouraged the teen to learn how to mix, and he soon became interested in remixing and working on his own productions.

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