Released 11 Years Ago: Avicii – Seek Bromance

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Released 11 Years Ago: Avicii – Seek Bromance

Tim Bergling’s death on April 20, 2018, was a shockwave, the global mourning an equal and opposite reaction to the Swedish producer’s intensely uplifting music and the reach it had during his comet streak of a career. As Avicii, Tim Bergling brought a pop sensibility to the electronic scene and helped redefine the global EDM phenomenon.

His biggest tracks –‘Levels’, ‘Wake Me Up’, ‘Hey Brother’ – were pristinely produced anthems of collective catharsis. One of his first breakthrough singles was released over 11 years ago. ‘Seek Bromance’, released on the 17th of October, 2010, featured that iconic Avicii-style we all grew to love. A bonified hit, this single gained over 100 million views and topped many charts around the globe.

An undisputed legend in the music scene, Tim Bergling, widely known as Avicii, rose to the top of the world before tragically passing away in April of 2018. In his buzzing career, he had amassed billions of collective streams/views, and his posthumous album ‘TIM’ came out last year, featuring Aloe BlaccA R I Z O N AImagine Dragons, and more. 

Stream this single and many more 2010 EDM Essentials below – follow here.

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