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Released 12 Years Ago: Hardwell & Tiesto – Zero 76

A mega-collab bringing together two generations. Tiesto and Hardwell were both born and raised in the city of Breda (postcode:076), The Netherlands. Flashback to 2011 and it was clear to say Hardwell continued his devastating assault on today’s EDM scene with ‘Zero 76’, yet another release with one of the biggest names in the scene, Tiesto himself. With this collab, Hardwell made a true statement as to why he was one of the biggest emerging acts of 2011 along with Tiesto proving why he is an electronic dance music legend.

A superstar Dutch DJ who helped shape the EDM explosion of 2012-2013, Robbert van de Corput became Hardwell when he began DJ’ing at the age of 13. Watching the massive dance parties broadcast on MTV encouraged the teen to learn how to mix, and he soon became interested in remixing and working on his own productions.

f you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 20 years as an EDM fan, you most certainly have come across Dutch icon Tiesto. Constantly being at the forefront of electronic music and always changing up his style to fit the latest trends, it’s no surprise that Tiesto has had such a lengthy and successful career. Tiesto is certain to become an EDM legend if he is not all ready known as one.

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