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Released 12 Years Ago: Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

A single that many may now call “the official anthem of dubstep”. A little over 11 years ago, American artist Skrillex released his innovative production ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites’. With this release, Skrillex helped propel one of the largest shifts in modern American music in recent memory. One of the most streamed dubstep tracks of all time, this single has amassed over 500 million streams since it’s release and it’s iconic “YES, OH MY GOD” pre-drop vocal is forever etched into modern electronic music history.

Since then, Skrillex has proved to be a mainstay in the electronic dance music scene. From his music to his label, his countless brand collaborations and his work on major Hollywood movies, Skrillex quite simply loves to make things. Despite being one of the biggest names in music, Skrillex hasn’t walked away from the “do-it-ourselves” attitude he’s had since his start.

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