Released 9 Years Ago: Porter Robinson – Language

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Released 9 Years Ago: Porter Robinson – Language

2012 saw the worldwide success of ‘Spaceman’ by Hardwell, ‘Million Voices’ by Otto Knows, ‘Years’ by Alesso, and many many more, leading to the rise of electronic dance music all across the globe. Another artist keen to showcase his talents within the studio was the rising Porter Robinson. Although now he is a well-traveled and successful artist who has released countless high-quality singles, in 2012 he was an up and comer ready to prove his worth. And prove it he did, with the incredible release of ‘Language’, setting the stage for what would be in the coming years. Gaining over 50 million streams since it’s release, ‘Langauge’ still holds up as one of the American’s most popular tracks.

Everything’s changed since Robinson’s 2010 arrival, from sonic landscapes to literal surroundings. Porter himself notes the immense effect of the exit from his childhood home on this new collection, shedding the comforting walls of his formative years, where 2014’s genre defining ‘Worlds’ crafted an expansion for the universe of electronic music. His own precocious arrival into the collective consciousness via co-signs from the dance music’s greats now feels like merely a footnote in the time spent since, with 2016 granting the union of Robinson and longtime friend Madeon to conceive the gold certified, anime-accompanied single ‘Shelter’. Just a year later he’d introduce alter ego Virtual Self, a reinvention that landed him a Grammy nod and left incalculable influence in its wake.

Stream this single and many more 2012 EDM Essentials below – follow here.

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