RIMNES Releases Heavy New Single ‘Side to Side’!

The very talented USA native RIMNES had a quiet year in 2018, as he prepared tons of new productions for 2019. Only releasing two singles ‘Lift Me Up’ and ‘So Groovy’  in 2018, he has all ready surpassed that amount with three singles released within the first month of the new year. Hoping to grow his fan base in 2019, we can confirm that there is plenty more to come from RIMNES.

This track kicks off with kicks, cymbals and synths as they set the tone for the rest of the production. It is known right from the start, that we are set for a very energetic festival stomper. The first drop comes rather quickly as RIMNES cuts to the chase with a main stage kick and electro synths give us an incredible anthem. As the track progresses we are brought to an incredible uplifting and catchy melody which serves as the break to catch our breathe and prepare us for yet another anthemic drop.‘Side To Side’ is a thumping single that is perfect for main stage dance floors across the world.

Stream the single below.

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