Robert James Perkins Opens His 2022 In Style With ‘Guestlist’!

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Robert James Perkins Opens His 2022 In Style With ‘Guestlist’!

The most unfortunate situation in the world. You walk up to your favorite club or party and want to get in but you are refused, you’re not on the guestlist. A refusal that can ruin your whole night, Robert James Perkins is here to make you not worry as no matter where you are or where you are going, your own party can be had when you play his latest tune. ‘Guestlist’ is a shoutout to those who have been in this unfortunate situation, but with a positive message as no one needs a ticket or guestlist spot for his party.

‘Guestlist’ is a subtle yet equally thumping techno track that utilizes vocal samples for memorability and driving low ends for groove. The power that the low end in this single holds has the perfect balance to allow the acid synths to take center stage but to also add rhythm and energy into the overall mix. The perfect party opener, you’ll be wanting to party any where and any time when you take a listen to this one.

Stream this single below.

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