Robert James Perkins Releases Melodic-Driven New Single ‘Echos’!

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Robert James Perkins Releases Melodic-Driven New Single ‘Echos’!

Although he has only recently begun to release his own music in 2020, Robert James Perkins is no stranger to the dance music and production scene. He first uploaded a remix of ‘Almost Home’ by Moby back in 2014 and has been DJing for over 30 years. With this kind of experience, Robert James Perkins has a wealth of knowledge and skills to certainly impress many fans of dance music across the globe. Perfectly able to read a crowd and react with the perfect tracks, Robert James Perkins is also able to translate that experience into the studio to create high-quality productions.

For his first release of 2021, Robert James Perkins treats us to a wonderful melodic-drive single titled ‘Echos’. The German artist expertly uses atmospheric tones throughout and matches them perfectly with melodies that take the attention of the listener. Treating us to both the radio edit and extended version, fans of the single can enjoy a quick burst or a full 5-minute edit, and this helps when introducing Robert James Perkins style of music to the audience. A great single from this veteran, we can’t wait to hear more!

Stream this single below.

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