Roberto Marín Muñoz Releases Brand New Single ‘I Know Ur Love’!

A relative newcomer within the music production scene, what Roberto Marín Muñoz lacks in experience, he makes up for with raw talent. Only 1 year into his artist journey, he has churned out solid releases such as ‘One Love Together’, ‘Fears’ and ‘La Nuit’. Although the Spanish artist’s name is almost totally unknown within the international music scene, with hard work he has managed to climb in popularity on platforms like Spotify from being a total stranger to having more than 15,000 listeners per month. With his new single ‘I Know Ur Love’ he shows us that what he started last year as a hobby, has grown and turned into something that he takes very seriously and shows us that he is here to stay for a long time.

‘I Know Ur Love’ is a fresh and energetic song very well achieved, where synthesizers and employed rhythm complement and add a perfect dynamic to the vocal, which hooks from the first moment. The elegant synths are perfect for this time of year where the warm weather is starting to set in and feel good music is being played worldwide. New comer Roberto Marín Muñoz shows off his talents with this production and promises that there is more to come very soon.

Stream this single below

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