Roderic H Drops Blissful New Single ‘Let Me Try’ ft. Hanna Ojamets!

Estonian electronic music producer Roderic H is proudly presenting his latest single titled ‘Let Me Try’, released on July 17th. With its progressive trance feel, influences of pop music, some extreme mixing, and the vocals of amazing Estonian singer Hanna Ojamets, it definitely brings some good vibes into the summer. With this single, his 8th release of 2020, Roderic H strikes gold and makes 2020 his most important year to date with more releases incoming very soon.

Roderic H is a music producer and keyboard player from Estonia. He has been studying piano and accordion since the very young age of 7 years old. In his music career, he has been playing the keyboard professionally for over 15 years in various bands. At the moment he is the keyboardist and music writer in Estonian pop-rock band Maria Stuart. As an electronic music producer, he loves melodic harmonies, old-school synthesizers and music to him is always about the emotions, not so much about the sound. He always pays attention to melodies, velocity, and harmonies. Following modern sounds and popular standards are not important for him. With his latest release, Roderic H confirms why you should be keeping a close eye on him.

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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