Ruely Delivers Beautiful New Single Entitled ‘As We Wait’!

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Ruely Delivers Beautiful New Single Entitled ‘As We Wait’!

23-year old producer Ruely brings his talents to electronic label Music High Court with his latest release ‘As We Wait’. The track’s glitchy synths and vocal cuts compliment its organic bells and plucks. This unique combination of sounds is what makes ‘As We Wait’ truly stand out from the crowd. Ruely has weaved a tapestry of cinematic sounds and wholesome, natural melodies.

“When I created ‘As We Wait’, I was in the middle of waiting to hear back about very important news about my career. Sometimes anxiety can get the best of me and all I can do is wait for it to pass. The song is very chill yet has moments of angst that show the struggle to be patient with ourselves. The message of the song is about overcoming this internal struggle and to trust in the process.”Ruely

With a sound that is as dazzling as it is heartfelt, Ruely is the project of 23-year-old Trevor Whitney, the triple threat talent hailing from Seattle, Washington. A singer, songwriter, and producer, Whitney‘s passion to create music with a purpose is evident in both his emotionally rich compositions and his empathetic lyrics. Whitney hopes to provide a listening experience that both capitalizes on emotional reflection and brings forth interpersonal growth. Many of Whitney‘s works are motivated by the hardships of humanity, seeking to lend a helping hand to those coping with tragedy, struggling with mental illness, or to simply lift someone up on a bad day. If anything, Whitney‘s music strives to inspire hope in those who need it most. The overarching theme of Whitney‘s discography truly demonstrates his belief that music creation should be inspired by the way you feel, rather than by the demand for a certain kind of song. Whitney‘s fervor for music began at a young age, with the name “Ruely” nostalgically inspired by a childhood nickname his parents gave him. Whitney has blossomed into a full fledged musician with vulnerability being his driving force.

Stream this single below.

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