Sam Feldt, Alpine And Spinnin’ Records Launch Campaign “Love the music. Protect your ears.”

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Sam Feldt, Alpine And Spinnin’ Records Launch Campaign “Love the music. Protect your ears.”

In the run-up to the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Sam Feldt launches the campaign ‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’ along with Spinnin’ Records and Alpine Hearing Protection. The campaign aims to make over 400,000 visitors to the world’s largest dance event and millions of other dance enthusiasts worldwide aware of the need to wear hearing protection.

Sam Feldt, known for international music hits like ‘Show Me Love’, ‘Way Back Home’ and ‘Post Malone’ (feat. RANI), is an ambassador for the international campaign “Love the music. Protect your ears.”

Sam Feldt:
“I think it’s important that everyone can enjoy music not only now, but even in 10 or 20 years’ time. With high-quality hearing protection, you can enjoy music just as much or even more. At the moment, 20,000 young people suffer from hearing impairments each year. Together with Alpine, Spinnin’ and ADE, I want to prevent this number from going up even more.”

Permanent ringing
60 procent of the Dutch population has hearing problems after attending a festival or concert. This is the conclusion of a study carried out by market research agency The Choice on behalf of Alpine. In the research report, an ENT doctor described the number of young people with hearing damage as ‘shocking’. Hearing protection not only prevents temporary or permanent hearing damage, but also ensures a better music experience.

‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’
The online channels of the initiators of this campaign are being used to reach millions of dance lovers worldwide. Arthur van Keeken, CEO of Alpine, is extremely proud of the collaboration with Sam Feldt, Spinnin’ and ADE: “By combining our international reach, we strongly believe that we will succeed in making dance enthusiasts aware of the consequences of hearing damage on a global scale and encourage them to wear hearing protection”.

The campaign ‘Love the music. Protect your ears.’ will start today and will also be visible during ADE.

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