Seth Hills Talks Inspirations, Dream Collab, Production Tips and More!

Seth Hills’ busy summer last year handed him the perfect opportunity to test what works best with live crowds. Putting that knowledge into practice is what he does on his latest track ‘RUSH’. Combining a vocal drop with a big kick and heavy baselines, and ‘RUSH’ was born. The high energy makes it the perfect weapon for every DJ set and guarantees to make the crowd go wild. We had the pleasure of interviewing this bright talent to celebrate his latest release.

Speaking about ‘RUSH’, how happy are you with the finished product and its home on STMPD RCRDS?
“Really happy of course! I had the idea for the track in my head for quite a while and luckily I was able to finish it exactly how i wanted it to be. I also went a bit different on this one that people might be used to, but so far I received a lot of appreciation so that’s amazing!”

Starting your career on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and now finding your home to be on Martin Garrix’ STMPD RCRDS, how important, for your career, has it been to work under these big names?
“I experienced that being linked to major names like that, can make a use difference for your artist profile. People will automatically notice and appreciate you more when you get support from world’s biggest DJ’s. Also when you’re music is being played on the biggest stages during the best slots, it just gives you one of the best feelings there is. It’s also actually really helpful to see what your track is doing with the audience. Also since I got to know Martin Garrix personally and experience his life from a closer point of view, I’m learning a lot from him as a person.  So after all I’m just really grateful to be working with these names!”

Over the past couple of years, you have firmly cemented your signature production style within the hard hitting and energetic electro world, what other style would you be interested in giving a try?
“Sometimes when I’m bored in the studio and don’t wan’t to do my own stuff I’m just messing around with all kind of genres. Mostly that turns out just for fun, but in the future I would really like to do pop productions as well. Not just regular pop what you hear on the radio but pop with an electronic, futuristic twist on it.”

With high profile collabs together with artists such as Julian Jordan, Loopers and Magnificence, is there any artists out right now that you feel your style would blend with well?
“Those names were all kinda close to my sound as you might know. At this point I think it’s interesting to work with someone who is a little bit further away from my sound. For example CMC$ is a good friend of mine, who makes really sick pop tracks in my opinion. Combining my sound with his more friendly sound might work really interesting and gives an refreshing and unexpected result.”

If there was only 1 collab remaining to do in your career, who would you like to do it with?
“Skrillex, no doubt. He is in my opinion world’s best producer, and is a huge inspiration for me.”

When it comes to stepping into the studio, where do you get your main inspirations from?
“It’s always different. Sometimes I get really inspired from watching livesets. But I also can get really inspired from listening to other music even in different genres. Personally I’m always trying to make my music as refreshing as possible for listeners. “

Keeping on the topic of production, what comes first in your process: the drop, the breakdown, the build, the melody or all of the above?
“I found out that starting out with drops works the best for me. Sometimes I just drag a random buildup in my project so I can already start on the drop even easier. After the first drop idea/sketch I’m most likely creating the buildup before the drop. After that comes the break. From that point it’s all about melting it together as one track. I do mixing and mastering as much as possible during the process of creating the track, simply because I cant stand it when my track sounds bad or messy when producing it.”

When it comes to producing tracks, many artists struggle to find a balance between producing and regular life. How do you wind down away from the studio and are there any tips for upcoming producers out there to improve their workflow?
“That’s a really good question since a lot of producers (including myself) can actually really be struggling with this. I think everyone has to find it’s own habits and lifestyle in and around the studio. What works for me, will not automatically work for everyone else of course. You always have to keep in mind that you started making music because you saw it as a fun, entertaining thing to do. Always try to keep that mindset when making music. This is a creative process do don’t expect yourself to be delivering sick stuff all the time. Everyone has ups and downs of course, so when you’re experience a ‘block’ in the studio, just make sure to do something completely else which will clear your mind. Also try to find your ideal hours to produce music per day and that is totally personal and can even change over time. Everyone is different and has got their own way of being creative.”

Last question… got any exclusive news for us? 😉
“Since I finished a lot of new tracks lately I actually wanted to something special this time. All I can say that there’s a LOT of new music coming and it might be sooner than you think.”

Stream this single below.

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