Spinnin’ Records Asia Continues With Second Release ‘Antidote’ By Ken Takano And Patrick Moreno!

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Spinnin’ Records Asia Continues With Second Release ‘Antidote’ By Ken Takano And Patrick Moreno!

Following the much acclaimed launch of Spinnin’ Records Asia in 2019 (with BEAUZ delivering debut release ‘Feel The Light’), the new label now continues into the new year with its much anticipated second release. For this, renowned Japanese producer Ken Takano teamed up with Polish artist Patrick Moreno for ‘Antidote’, a high energy shot of future house featuring lively vocals of Nico M. Out now on Spinnin’ Records Asia. Fun fact: the music video for ‘Antidote’ features the dance unit EGU-SPLOSION, known for the 63M hit YouTube dance video “Honnouji-no-hen”.

Spinnin’ Records Asia was launched in November 2019 with a clear focus on the future. Aiming to be the dance and electronic music specialist for the world’s fastest-growing region, the label will discover and nurture musical talent from the Asian countries, as well as sign and work with artists of Asian heritage from every part of the world, bringing their music to a global audience.

After the debut release, delivered by BEAUZ (a US based brother duo coming from an Asian background), the second single on the label again underlines the goal to bring together Asian artists with the rest of the world. In this case, Ken Takano makes his entry as first Japanese artist on the label, teaming up with Polish DJ/producer Patrick Moreno for the exciting dance tune ‘Antidote’, featuring Nico M.

“This record all started with Patrick sending me the acapella vocal track by Nico M. The lyrics, the melody, the mysterious but catchy vibe, the pop voice… everything was perfect and it clicked, ‘this is it!’ In creating the track, I wanted to keep it pop, not fully following future house, in order to attract more diverse listeners.” – Ken Takano

“When writing this text and melodies with Nico, we were guided by the catchiness and the word ‘Antidote’, which in these lyrics not only reflects the love of two people, but also the music that not only heals but also transmits emotions and the desire to dance. Ken confirmed this to create an amazing sound. Joining forces together, we have created an amazing song that shows that our distant countries do not know obstacles to cooperate together at a distance.” – Patrick Moreno

Stream this single below.

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