Spinnin’ Records Launches DJ’s vs Gamers Show ‘Game Room’!

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Spinnin’ Records Launches DJ’s vs Gamers Show ‘Game Room’!

Spinnin’ Records is proud to present a gaming show that features the most popular DJ’s versus Gamers. A fun and playful YouTube format to reach and engage with new gaming-related audiences. Two very fanatic guys, three games and one surprising end. In this first episode we see Dutch DJ phenomenon Mike Williams competing with gamer FC Roelie. Have fun watching.

Spinnin’ goes GAMING! The Game Room is a new exciting show in which DJ’s compete against Gamers, hosted by Shaquille Polak. Three games (FIFA 19 / Mario Kart / Gran Turismo), two fanatic players and one winner who may put his name on the scoreboard. There’s some cheating, a bit of disappointment – but most of all: a lot of fun! Who’ll be the overall winner at the end of this first season?

It’s been quite the revolution Spinnin’ Records has caused. Not only did the Dutch music label do groundbreaking work when it comes to promoting its music and artists, also the way it used social media for this was a first in the music industry.

Hence the success of the imprint’s YouTube channel, which crossed it’s first milestone in 2015, reaching 10 million subscribers. Early 2019, merely four years later, the label’s platform raised the bar once again, reaching 25 million subscribers, while also receiving an International Dance Music Award (IDMA) for “Best YouTube Channel” during the Miami Music Week.

Especially these last years, Spinnin’ Records saw its popularity increase in abroad territories. Countries like Brazil, Mexico, India, the US and France proved to be steady followers these last three years.

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