Spinnin’ Sessions Offers Free Earplugs To All 1,200 Visitors!

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Spinnin’ Sessions Offers Free Earplugs To All 1,200 Visitors!

Spinnin’ Sessions, which will be kicking off the Amsterdam Dance Event on Wednesday, 16th of October next week, aims to be the first party that lets everyone make it all the way through the night without any ringing in their ears. All 1,200 people at Spinnin’ Sessions will receive earplugs free of charge, as part of the international campaign “Love the music. Protect your ears”, with Sam Feldt as ambassador.

Over half of Dutch audiences sometimes experience hearing problems after a festival or concert – and 20% report having frequent hearing problems or permanent impairment. Despite those shocking figures, 60% of concert-goers say that they never wear hearing protection, according to survey figures from Alpine Hearing Protection.

Sam Feldt says: “20,000 young people develop hearing impairments each year. Together with Alpine and Spinnin’, I want to keep this problem from growing. Spinnin’ Sessions during ADE is the perfect time to showcase this issue and to let people feel what it’s like to experience a dance event while using earplugs.”


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