Spotify Launches In India!

With a population of over 1.3 billion people and with many of them being huge music fans, India is a huge potential market for online streaming services. However due to some legal issues, streaming juggernaut Spotify could not launch in India as easily as they had hoped. With over 90 million paid subscriptions and over 200 million users, it is no surprise to hear that the streaming service wants to expand into this area.

However, despite the legal issues, Spotify has just launched in India, with tons of exclusive features. Spotify is available for free along with a subscription priced at 119 Indian rupee which is $1.67 US Dollars which is a great price compared to $9.99 in USA. Included in the free option, users are able to stream music on demand at no cost with paid users able to save music and listen offline. There are also options to listen and browse with multiple different languages and also there are custom built Indian playlists.

This is great news for avid music fans in India.

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