Stunning New Single From Trickylaye!

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Stunning New Single From Trickylaye!

Paris native Trickylaye has been making waves in the electronic music scene for many years and is not stopping any time soon. Debuting his very first track ‘Oui Baby’  in 2003 and constantly releasing quality tracks such as ‘My Power’, Habibi’, ‘Tout Chez Moi’ and ‘Rio’  amongst many more. In 2017 he started tho work on the ‘Is this a demo?’  project, which brings us to his latest released ‘Love And Desire’

Featuring his own vocals, the track kicks off with a gentle kick and bass line combo which gets the track off to a very chill vibe and sets the tone for what is to come. As the track progresses, arpeggios, synths and vocals help fill out the track. As you listen to the track you find yourself drifting off as this is a truly soothing tune. The relaxing vocals mixed with the synth work make this track truly versatile and suitable both for listening and the club environment. 

You can stream the single below.

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