Suitor Unleash Killer Record ‘Dollar’ From Dash Groove And Foxel!

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Suitor Unleash Killer Record ‘Dollar’ From Dash Groove And Foxel!

A label always striving to grow and prove that what’s around the corner is another awesome single, Suitor, a sub-label of Mix Feed, is back once again on our feeds with is yet another incredible release. Boasting a roster full of talent that many may deem unknown but after listening they will surely be amongst their favorite artists, Suitor knocks it out of the park once again with this new single ‘Dollar’ by Dash Groove and Foxel.

‘Dollar’ is not your typical Brazilian bass release as both artists combine expertly to create this awesome blend of bass house and tech house which uses the overall vibe of Brazilian bass, leading to a truly unique single. Dash Groove and Foxel use infectious tones through out with memorable sounds and powerful synths that are sure to get your speakers shaking leading to you paying more attention to both artist and label in the near future.

Stream this single below and grab your download here.

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