Surprise Early New Release From Martin Garrix ‘No Sleep’!

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Surprise Early New Release From Martin Garrix ‘No Sleep’!

After their highly successful track ‘High On Life’, Martin Garrix partners up with vocalist Bonn to deliver this amazing follow up. It’s something we may not have thought about, but now that is has happened, we are not surprised that they have teamed up yet again. The story behind this track Martin Garrix revealed on Instagram, after performing ‘High On Life’ live at Tomorrowland, they were filled with adrenaline and they could not sleep that night, so instead they grabbed a guitar and ‘No Sleep’  was born.

With incredibly beautiful vocals combined with stunning chord progressions, this follow up takes a different route to their previous single. ‘No Sleep’ is more on the relaxed side of things when it comes to progressive house but that does not take away from the amazing production behind it. Martin Garrix and Bonn have smashed it out of the park with this release. Will we be treated to another follow up to finish off the trifecta? We hope so.

Stream this single below and follow our Spotify playlist here.

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