The FifthGuys, Thatsimo & Caravn Combine Their Talents On “Talk Forever”

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The FifthGuys, Thatsimo & Caravn Combine Their Talents On “Talk Forever”

A collaboration between three massively talented artists such as Italian duo The FifthGuys, producer Thatsimo and vocalist Caravn was long overdue. Each name has been working hard in order to leave their mark on the electronic scene, whether that’s releasing with labels such as Tribal Trap, Above The Surface, Magic Records and Electronic Records for The FifthGuys and Thatsimo, or working with massive producers such as Coopex, Rival, Marin Moxha and Heuse for Caravn.

Their joint effort comes in the form of pop/electronic crossover “Talk Forever”, an undeniably infectious summer tune. The production is as catchy as possible, supported by lush electric guitar melodies and a soothing atmosphere, while Caravn’s songwriting is well thought-out and relatable as. His vocal harmonies do an amazing job at filling the background of the drop, when at the same time listeners are bombarded with shiny synth chords and stabs that go crazy throughout the entirety of the single’s climax. 

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