The Kam’s Bro Deliver Magic With New Single ‘The Way You Love’!

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The Kam’s Bro Deliver Magic With New Single ‘The Way You Love’!

When a new project is born, there is a certain pressure to deliver a great first impression with your very first track. Once new duo taking this pressure and thriving from it is The Kam’s Bro. With their very first release, they have made an astonishing first impression as they deliver a magnificent first release, ‘The Way You Love’.

The Kam’s Bro are a new duo on the scene from Belgium. Having spent several months in the studio, they are ready to unleash all their hard work for the world of electronic dance music to enjoy. As a duo, their style could be described as feel good pop dance, however, they blur the lines with powerful and infectious synths that make them stand our from the crowd.

‘The Way You Love’ was originally made for the online sport class but was then recreated as an official single. This single kicks off with simple yet effective drum and synth work that sets the mood for the production. Sarah Drissi‘s wonderful vocals are then introduced and joined by melodic sounds to keep the single fresh. The duo then build towards the drop with filtered synths and risers. The drop hits with no disappointment as an infectious trumpet top layer takes center stage and is joined by a groovy low end bassline. The Kam’s Bro have really set the bar high for their first-ever release!

Stream this signel below and grab your download here.

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