TheFatRat Releases First Ever House Song With “Electrified”

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TheFatRat Releases First Ever House Song With “Electrified”

Aside from his bright and catchy music, TheFatRat is widely known in the music world, and especially the gaming community, for having one of the largest followings and most engaging fan-bases on YouTube among his peers. Boasting over 4.4 million subscribers on his channel, his music has been featured in over 4 million various videos on the platform, resulting in more than 5 billion collective views. With all that, on top of his hundreds of millions of streams on digital platforms, it’s safe to say that TheFatRat has managed to build a huge name for himself, and is only going to keep rising.

Now, the artist just released his second single this year with “Electrified”, following up “The Storm” featuring Maisy Kay. Marking the first house release in his career, “Electrified” is definitely an exciting change of pace for the producer, driven by catchy basslines, smooth vocals and tasteful melodies, making up for one of his most exciting releases yet.

“Electrified’ is unlike anything I’ve ever made,” explains TheFatRat. “Style-wise it’s a house song, which is something I’ve never done before. Everybody I’ve played the song reacted like, ‘Oh wow! I never thought you could do something like that.”

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