Tracklist And Cover Art Released For Avicii Album ‘Tim’!

After news broke that we would be receiving a posthumous Avicii album entitled ‘Tim’, every single Avicii fan wondered which tracks would be on the album and if their favorite unreleased single will be included. Once the latest single ‘Tough Love’ was released, it was accompanied by a pre-order option on iTunes which in turn revealed the full track list. You can see the full track list including collaborators below.

  1. Peace Of Mind (feat. Vargas & Lagola)
  2. Heaven (feat. Chris Martin)
  3. SOS (feat. Aloe Blacc)
  4. Tough Love (feat. Agnes, Vargas & Lagola)
  5. Bad Reputation (feat. Joe Janiak)
  6. Ain’t A Thing (feat. Joe Janiak)
  7. Hold The Line (feat. Arizona)
  8. Freak (feat. ID)
  9. Excuse Me Mr. Sir (feat. Vargas & Lagola)
  10. Heart Upon My Sleeve (feat. Imagine Dragons)
  11. Never Leave Me (feat. ID)
  12. Phase Away (feat. Joe Janiak)

Does your favorite unreleased single appear on the track listing? You can see the official cover art for the album below.


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